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(Cartoonist - Adam Zyglis)

In other news, a federal judge has issued an injunction against the Pine-Richland School District in Pennsylvania that prohibited transgender students from using a bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. Three students including Juliet Evancho, sister of Trump inauguration singer Jackie Evancho, sued the school system.

Meanwhile, the Arizona House has decided not to advance the unconstitutional anti-protest bill that would have introduced criminal charges against people who organize protests that turn violent for any reason.

Finally, here's an interesting story on the family and business of former Trump campaign manager and paid Russian flack Paul Manafort. Manafort's daughters apparently don't think too highly of dear old dad.

Text messages and emails revealed by a hack that allegedly exposed Manafort to potential blackmail reveal that while his family was only mildly critical of his association with Donald Trump, they know full well what kind of dirty work he's been involved in.

By contrast, the Manafort daughters and their mother seemed much more unsettled about Paul Manafort’s work as a political consultant for Yanukovych’s Russia-backed Party of Regions, which is a subject of renewed interest among investigators probing possible links between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

In one March 2015 exchange that appears to be between the two sisters, Andrea Manafort seems to suggest that their father bore some responsibility for the deaths of protesters at the hands of police loyal to Yanukovych during a monthslong uprising that started in late 2013.

“Don't fool yourself,” Andrea Manafort wrote. “That money we have is blood money.”

In another hacked exchange a few months later with someone else, Andrea Manafort wrote that her father’s “work and payment in Ukraine is legally questionable.”

Trump will address Congress tonight, but I'd rather piss glass than watch that. I'll leave that to others.

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    Man, I hope nobody here or any liberal/progressive/person-with-a-brain watches this shit show tonight. If you want to get back at Trump, fuck up his ratings. Just look at how petty he got over his pathetic Inauguration crowd size. How do you think he will react when a rerun of Friends on Telemundo draws more viewers than his first State of the Union (as if he has any idea what that is).