Deliberate Censorship

Bad news for anyone who was hoping to watch BBC cover climate change in the same commendable fashion as they covered the Earth's oceans in the documentary series Blue Planet. You'll have to wait for the dvd or turn to Youtube, because the Discovery Channel has declined to air that portion of their upcoming series.

Because of a “scheduling issue”, American viewers won’t be seeing a new BBC documentary program focusing on climate change.

The Telegraph reports that the seven-part series, Frozen Planet, will include that seventh climate change episode as an “optional extra” — not to be seen on the Discovery Channel in the U.S.

Instead, only some “elements” of the climate change episode will be incorporated into the Discovery series, according to the report, which will air six of the seven episodes.

To be clear -- The Discovery Channel will be carrying BBC's "Frozen Planet," but not the final episode of the seven part series which covers climate change. Because of a "scheduling issue." Or as I like to call it "deliberate censorship."

Maybe they feel Americans are informed enough about the issue already? After all, the American "liberal media" has done such a fine job of covering it.