George W. Bush

Delusional Inaugural 2005

A celebration of freedom, Inaugural 2001The White House is planning a splendid inauguration for Bush on January 20, complete with fireworks and the theme: "Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Service."

Don't laugh.

An "honoring service" theme could be the high water mark of hypocrisy for a president who has yet to attend a single military funeral for a soldier killed in Iraq, and who has failed to properly supply the soldiers who are miraculously still living.

Planners of the festa told the AP that another theme will underscore sacrifice, which, we can only assume, will be emphasized by the record high $40 million price tag for the event.

But since the planners are offering 2,000 free tickets to soldiers, I suppose that makes up for the bludgeoning they're enduring at the behest of Bush's political legacy.

Inaugural chairwoman Jeanne Johnson Phillips told the AP that the intent is to (get a load of this tripe) "paint a picture of democracy". Ostensibly because an actual picture of democracy no longer exists here.