Delusions of Grandeur


Anchorage mayor and candidate for lieutenant governor Dan Sullivan is ready to become a martyr for the cause.

What cause is that? Drilling for oil in a wildlife refuge.

And as a fourth-generation Alaskan, Sullivan said he’d be an enthusiastic ambassador for the state. Part of that would be fighting for Alaska’s state rights. He said that includes getting the 20 million acres that’s still owed to the state from the federal government, and controlling the state’s resources.

One of the things I’ve suggested, too, is that if I was governor today, I’d probably invade ANWR,” he said. “What are they going to do, shoot you? Well, they might. But martyrdom goes a long way sometimes.

There you have it. If you elect Dan Sullivan, he will personally lead a charge into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and engage in a gun battle with federal authorities for the right to poison the cherished land.

Fighting foreign invaders and communists is old school. Today we fight conservationists and our own government. Wolverines!