Democratic Party

Dem leadership debates abortion

Progressives!The Democratic leaderhsip is in the midst of an internal battle over abortion. Indiana Congressman Tim Roemer and Howard Dean are the frontrunners to lead the DNC. Roemer, a pro-lifer, just recently emerged as a candidate and appears to have the support of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Howard Dean, on the other hand, is urging a Democratic move towards its progressive base and a continued pro-choice posture.

This is why they lose. Rather than standing by its core convictions, while modernizing its tactics (which Dean would do), the Democrats appear to be capitulating to Republican platform ideology and the impassioned mandates of the right-wing punditry to join them or die.

Moving to the right is tantamount to conceding to the whims of an empty shirt GOP. And ANY concessions would confirm the weakling stereotype endowed upon the Democrats by every wingnut with a microphone and the ears of the nation. Get a modern progressive in the top spot and let's go already!

It's not abortion, gay rights, or stem cells that ruin the Democrats in the red states, it's indecision over those issues combined with major flaws in modern campaign strategy.