The Media

Dennis Miller… really, really pathetic. Fear and opportunism forced him to turn his back on his audience after 9/11 -- but he's too smart and esoteric for the far-right crowd who still think Hee-Haw was underrated genius, and he's loathed by the left after unflinchingly endorsing President Bush. And now he's defending Sarah Palin. No amount of Caligula references will erase that degree of stupid.

But one of the more freakish aspects of this already very-freakish transcript is that Miller knew the exact number of days since September 11, 2001.

But I will not turn my back on George Bush. Today, 2,619 days since a domestic terror attack on this soil. Thank you to my commander in chief, and thank you to the troops for providing us the safety to have an election like that.

Obsessive and a little creepy. It's like knowing the first names of all the witnesses on the grassy knoll. Most of us can easily spit out the number of years, but the number of days?