DHS Diverts Money to Deal With Immigration

Because House Republicans refused to approve President Obama’s request for funds, the Department of Homeland Security is now diverting funds from key programs to deal with the influx of migrant children.

via Reuters

The bulk of the transfer – about $270 million – will come from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief fund. An additional $30 million will come from the Coast Guard, the official said.

The Customs and Border Patrol agency will move $70.5 million from other activities to meet increased demands from the border situation.

House Republicans didn’t merely refuse to appropriate the amount of funds the president requested; they refused to appropriate any amount of funds without strings attached.

What strings are those? Deporting as many people as possible including young students known as DREAMers who would have qualified under the DREAM Act if it had ever been passed into law.

If there is an emergency that demands a response from FEMA between now and the end of the fiscal year, don’t be surprised if they’re short on funds.