DHS Wants to Bypass Courts for Deportations

Written by SK Ashby

Trump has called for removing judges from the process of deportation on several occasions and, according to Politico, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is considering a plan to do that.

The department is considering a proposal that could allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to quickly deport people across the country without them ever appearing in front of an immigration judge.

Current policy allows federal authorities to quickly deport people who crossed the border within two weeks of being arrested, but the new policy under consideration would lift that restriction and allow authorities to quickly deport anyone who's been here for less than two years.

Under the current standard, expedited removal is applicable only to immigrants picked up within 14 days of arrival. The two-week cutoff stems from a 2004 regulatory change, not from the 1996 statute that created the process. [...]

The planned regulation also would remove a current requirement to apply expedited removal only to undocumented immigrants arrested within 100 miles of a land border, according to the two DHS officials.

Instead, expedited removal would be applied nationwide, the officials said — giving it the potential to sweep up undocumented immigrants in communities across the country.

I can only presume that if this proposal ever becomes law, the number of people swept up and quickly deported who had legitimate reasons or a legal right to stay here could be high.

One day in the future, the Supreme Court may weigh in and allow the Trump regime to get away with this, but until it gets to that point I expect the first federal court that looks at this proposal will shut it down. That's assuming the White House will go through with it.

If everyone does what they're suppose to in 2020, we may not have to worry about it. Trump must be removed from office before the court has more opportunities to legalize his madness.