Discriminating Creationists File Lawsuit for Discrimination

The owners of the Noah's Ark Theme Park in Kentucky have filed a lawsuit against the state because the park will not receive tax breaks.

The park was denied tax breaks after it was revealed that only devout believers would be allowed to work there as employees.

The state's decision not to provide the park with taxpayer subsidies in compliance with the constitution, according to the park's owners, is the real discrimination.

via RightWingWatch

Ham claims that he has a “right” to receive taxpayer money and has filed a lawsuit against Kentucky, insisting that his organization, Answers in Genesis, is the real victim of discrimination.

He took his case to “Washington Watch” yesterday, where he told host Tony Perkins that Kentucky’s decision somehow violates his organization's right to the freedom of speech: “Anyone who wants to have freedom of speech in this nation, freedom of religion, free exercise of religion, needs to stand with us as we do this because that is what we are standing for.

Ham charged that Kentucky’s decision amounts to anti-Christian persecution and means “that we can’t have the free exercise of religion.”

I had no idea that freedom of religion encompassed receiving taxpayer subsidies on the basis that you demand them.

Is that what Free Market Jesus would have wanted?