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“Disgusting and Disrespectful” Indeed

Open Carry Texas has decided that the National Rifle Association is too cute and cuddly for them.

In response to the NRA’s statement on Friday criticizing Texas activists’ recent tactics, members of the pro-gun group Open Carry Texas have been cutting up their NRA membership cards, and the group has issued a statement demanding a retraction of the NRA’s “disgusting and disrespectful comments.” Or else.

Open Carry Texas holds an event they call the “Mad Minute” in which they fire as many rounds as they can within 60 seconds at a mannequin that resembles a woman with her pants pulled down to her ankles.

Here are the results of the “Mad Minute” via Mother Jones


This group — these “Mad Minute” shooters — which recently took their AK47s and AR15s into Chipotle, Chili’s, and Sonic; is denouncing the NRA for being “disgusting and disrespectful” because they were asked not to carry their long rifles with them when they go for a burrito.

The ability to adequately mock this level of psychosis and lack of self-awareness is far beyond my repertoire.

If you were to confirm every conspiracy theory that exists about government surveillance; if the targets of that surveillance were members of Open Carry Texas, I wouldn’t give a damn. These would-be domestic terrorists need to be watched.

Whoops, I used the word “shoot.” The NRA says we shouldn’t use that word.

It’s a race to the bottom.