Do You Even Lift? Shirtless Old Bro Pumps Iron in Campaign Ad

It’s been a while since we’ve featured an unhinged Republican campaign ad, so here’s an ad for shirtless, iron-pumping, ‘roided-up Old Bro and Arizona gubernatorial candidate Frank Riggs, an army veteran whose had just about enough of that Obama character and healthcare for poor people.

Arizona needs a strong governor. I’m Frank Riggs. Army vet, ex-cop, and a Congressman who rooted out corruption in Washington.

Big changes take hard work. As Governor, I’ll protect public safety and finally secure our border. I’ll fight federal overreach and the Obamanization of Arizona by repealing Common Core on day one and stopping Medicaid expansion. And I’ll fix the state budget, and get our economy growing again.

Frank Riggs is a man with a plan. A plan to get the economy growing again by shitting on education standards, denying healthcare to hundreds of thousands of people, and denying billions of dollars in federal funding to the state’s medical industry.

Sorry, what I mean is he’s going to get the economy growing again by ending “Obamanization.”

At least we can all agree that “Obamanization” means providing healthcare to those who have none. There are worse things to be known for, such as trying to deny healthcare to those who have none.