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Do You Believe In The Flag?

Personally, I believe the American flag exists. I've never seen one, but I have faith that there are, in fact, American flags -- sheets of fabric bearing 13 stripes and 50 stars.

Anyway, here's that woman from the debate the other night, Nash McCabe (real name):

"How can I vote for a president who won't wear a flag pin?" Mrs. McCabe, a recently unemployed clerk typist, said in a booth at the Valley Dairy luncheonette in this quiet, small city in western Pennsylvania.

Mr. Obama has said patriotism is about ideas, not flag pins.

"I watch him on TV," Mrs. McCabe said. "I keep looking for that lapel pin."

More information uncovered by TPM and McClatchy.

For the record, Nash McCabe wasn't wearing a flag pin either. Senator Clinton wasn't and neither were the moderators. And you know, I've never worn one. Why? Because I don't wear anything with lapels, and because it's just too Nazi-ish. They wore pins. And arm bands.

What's the next goddamn controversy? Senator Obama doesn't have a car window flag?