Dumbassery Economy Poll

Does Mitch McConnell Believe His Own Bullshit?

Why has the economy markedly improved over the last several months?

According to Majority Bullshit Artist Mitch McConnell, it’s because Americans were hotly anticipating the new Republican Congress.

“After so many years of sluggish growth, we’re finally starting to see some economic data that can provide a glimmer of hope; the uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change of the Obama Administration’s long tenure in Washington: the expectation of a new Republican Congress. So this is precisely the right time to advance a positive, pro-growth agenda.”


Polls show that Americans are actually very pessimistic about the new Congress they recently elected.

Bullshit aside, this statement demonstrates that Republican economic ideology will never change. The previous administration inherited a surplus and conservatives in Washington turned it into a record deficit. They want to do the same today and tomorrow. McConnell’s call for a “pro-growth agenda” is a call to deregulate the financial industry and pass new tax cuts for the rich.

Democrats will find themselves running against the Paul Ryan budget in 2016. Again.