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Does Trump Believe in a Free Press? Not So Much

Written by SK Ashby

Bragging about his leads in the polls has long been a hallmark of the Trump campaign, but that's a significantly more difficult case to make when you don't lead in a single poll.

By almost every measure, Trump has nosedived and there are signs that he fully understands this, but rather than look inward he's blaming the media for tearing him down.

It's not as if the media has reported that Trump fucked a pig or his daughter because that would be libelous. What they've overwhelming done and what we've done here is report exactly what Trump says.

You don't have to reach or stretch the truth to portray Donald Trump as an unhinged, incoherent con man. You can quote and transcribe Donald Trump word for word and arrive at that conclusion.

Case in point, Trump has questioned the legitimacy of the media before by saying we're going to "open up libel laws" during his primary campaign, but now he's questioning the Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of the press itself.

If Trump doesn't want anyone to report exactly what he says, he should never tweet or speak.

If freedom of the press did not include the freedom to pass some bullshit off as a fact, Trump fanboy outlet Breitbart would have gone out of business many years ago.