George W. Bush

Does Bush shoot blue lightning…

...from his fingers?

palp-big.jpgI know the physical resemblence to Bush is only passing, but the ideological similarities are undeniable.

Check out this bit of astute analysis of our nation's current imperial situation:

No banquet under the sun will last forever. After the firework fades away Washington is still under a dark sky. The sole superpower sends a sense of inauspiciousness to the world when it's president is inaugurated under wartime security standards: America, where are you heading?

This is from China's "People's Daily" paper. Time, Newsweek, and the rest of the American media can pretend that Bush means "freedom" when he says "freedom." But the world media -- from Canada to Ireland to Kenya to England -- knows "freedom" really means "occupation" and "dictation." The Christian Science monitor has the world media's in greater detail here.

Our empire too shall pass. How many thousands of humans will lose their lives in the process? How many civil rights will be ravaged, species made extinct, environments despoiled?

Impeach the Emperor.