Election 2012

Dog Meat Gate! Impeach! Impeach!

The right-wing blogosphere and the Romney campaign are having fun with the "revelation" that President Obama, at age 10 living in Indonesia, ate dog meat, which was part of the food options there.

You know what's really funny about this?

The right-wing blogosphere is just now discovering something that the president himself admitted in a bestselling 1995 book: his autobiography, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance!

The right-wing screechers and rumormongers who have all along questioned the president's background, upbringing, citizenship and credentials clearly never read the president's actual biography. If they had, they'd know about the Indonesian stories. Idiots. And yet when twerpy dorkus Tucker Carlson prints it in The Daily Caller after finally perusing a copy of Dreams From My Father, it's breaking news.

Meanwhile, I wonder how many of the cackling morons and members of the millionaire foo-foo Romney club have eaten foie gras or lamb or buffalo or tortured baby cow (veal) or suckling pig.

Yes, Election 2012 is getting really effing stupid, and it's only April.