DOJ Ends Trump Era Reverse Racism Lawsuit

Written by SK Ashby

Under the Trump regime, the Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a campaign against admissions through affirmative action at colleges and universities and that included a lawsuit against Yale that alleges the school discriminates against white people.

The Trump era lawsuit also alleged that Yale discriminates against Asian applicants, but the reality is this was a reverse racism lawsuit that the new Justice Department has now dropped.

The Department of Justice on Wednesday dropped a case against Yale University in which it alleged that the Ivy League institution was discriminating against White and Asian applicants in its admissions process.

The decision, announced in a filing in federal district court in Connecticut, marks a reversal from the Justice Department's stance under President Donald Trump, whose administration opposed education policies geared toward increasing racial diversity.

While the Trump era lawsuit claimed that Yale discriminates against White and Asian applicants in favor of Black and Latino applicants, the former make up a far larger share of Yale's student body than the latter.

There are fewer Black students at Yale than there are undocumented students. White students makeup nearly half of the student body and Asian students are the second largest demographic. The inclusion of Asian students in the lawsuit was obviously just a cynical maneuver along the path to ultimately claiming reverse racism against white people. A glance at the school's demographics tells me their admissions for black students are more likely too low, not too high as alleged in the lawsuit.

If the lawsuit had been successful, it would have had implications for other universities. But it's all over now.