Domestic Terrorists Will Defend Kim Davis if it Comes to It

The infamous Oath Keepers, seen in the image above attending a rally in 2013 where Ted Cruz called for a government shutdown, have announced they're assembling a group of armed members who will supposedly prevent federal marshals from arresting Kim Davis again if she refuses to comply with a court order.

via RightWingWatch

[Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes] said that the Rowan County sheriff should have blocked U.S. Marshals from detaining Davis, but since neither the sheriff nor the state’s governor will do their “job” and “intercede” on behalf of Davis, the Oath Keepers will have to do it instead. “As far as we’re concerned, this is not over,” he said, “and this judge needs to be put on notice that his behavior is not going to be accepted and we’ll be there to stop it and intercede ourselves if we have to. If the sheriff, who should be interceding, is not going to do his job and the governor is not going to do the governor’s job of interceding, then we’ll do it.”

The judge needs to be "put on notice" and stop following the law or, what? They'll shoot him?

It's ironic that the so-called "Oath Keepers" would defend Kim Davis because she swore an oath to uphold the law and hasn't done so. The only person who has refused to do their job is Kim Davis.

It would please me to see Rhodes and his henchmen charged for incitement or making terroristic threats.