Donations? Huckabee Spoke to the Council of Conservative Citizens

Written by SK Ashby

Many Republican politicians and candidates received campaign contributions from Earl Holt, the white supremacist who educated Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof, but Mike Huckabee actually spoke to Holt's group during his time as Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas.

via TPM

Then-Lt. Gov. Huckabee was invited to speak at the group's 1993 national convention by the its founder, Gordon Lee Baum, according to a 2008 Huffington Post report. Baum told The Huffington Post that Huckabee "sent an audio/video presentation saying 'I can't be with you but I'd like to be speaker next time'" because he was compelled to remain in Arkansas during the convention while then-Gov. Jim Guy Tucker (D) travelled out of state.

The group's 1993 newsletter, which was obtained by Edward Sebesta, who researches neo-Confederate groups, hailed Huckabee's videotaped address as a smash hit.

"Ark. Lt. Governor Mike Huckabee, unable to leave Arkansas by law because the Governor was absent from the state, sent a terrific videotape speech, which was viewed and extremely well received by the audience," the newsletter read.

Huckabee's videotaped speech was "extremely well received" by the organization of white supremacists.

I have no doubt.

There is a stink in the air that will not be dispelled by simply returning donations or even taking down a flag. Conservative policy, from regressive taxation to voter suppression, will continue to reflect the views of a segregationist party.

As President Obama himself said this week, racism is not just a word.

I expect to be hammered over the next year with claim after claim that the Republican party cannot possibly be the racist party because they agreed to hide their Dixie flags in the coat room.