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Don’t Blame the President for the Airport Security Madness

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All of these airport security policies, especially the naked body scanners, were invented by Republicans in an atmosphere of manufactured fear during conservative control of, well, everything. In fact, Janet Napolitano’s predecessor, Bush administration Homeland Security Secretary Michael “Shirt Off” Chertoff runs a security consulting firm whose clients include the manufacturers of the naked body scanner machines.

Consequently, most Americans are still trapped inside a nationwide panic room despite the reality of the so-called “terrorist threat.” Polls indicate 81 percent support for the body scanners, even though, contrary to the Bush Republican bed-wetting, there is no terrorist threat. It simply doesn’t exist as a serious danger to you or your family. Nate Silver, arguably one of the leading statisticians of our time, calculated that your odds of dying in an airborne terror attack are 1 in 10,408,947. Conversely, yours odds of dying from a fall off a ladder is 1 in 10,010, according to Foreign Policy magazine. Your odds of committing suicide are 1 in 121. Fact: you’re more of a threat to yourself than any terrorist.