President Obama Syria

Don’t Underestimate Barack Obama

The selective amnesia of so many anti-Obama liberals has reached new depths of ridiculousness. Regardless of where you land on the Syria issue (and I remain undecided), suggesting that the president and this administration is at all similar to the Bush administration is laughable. I mean, last night Chris Hayes might as well have interviewed an empty chair, pretending it was the president.

The fact is, the president never said that he was against all wars — just dumb wars. So enough delusional, revisionist history about how he’s renegging on a campaign promise.

It looks like some sort of military operation in Syria is inevitable. And if you want to get a sense of how the president approaches these sorts of decisions, I urge you to read this 2012 Vanity Fair profile of the president by Michael Lewis, which includes the run-up to the U.S.’s role in the Libya action.

After you finish reading it, tell me again how Obama is just like Bush. And I’ll tell you you’re out of your blessed mind.