Don’t Worry, Greg Abbott the Merciful Won’t Give You Healthcare


Fear not – Texans who are concerned that over one million of their friends and family members may soon have access to healthcare can rest easy; Greg Abbot would never approve of something so horrible.

“Fear not — Governor-elect Abbott has fought Obamacare and will continue to fight against it. He believes the ACA is not the best option for patients, doctors or taxpayers,” Chasse said. “Greg Abbott believes that Texas should be able to address our unique health-care situation without federal interference, putting patients and doctors in charge of health-care decisions.”

Rumors were swirling that the Abbott administration was working on a compromise with the federal government to expand Medicaid, but those rumors are unfounded.

No fate as great and terrible as access to healthcare for the poor has befallen the great state of Texas and Governor Greg Abbott isn’t about to let it happen on his watch.