Drug Tests for Citizens Who Receive Government Money

Newt Gingrich pitching a right-wing standard:

"I think that we need to consider taking more explicit steps to make it expensive to be a drug user. It could be through testing before you get any kind of federal aid. Unemployment compensation, food stamps, you name it."

You name it? Okay, you're on! The drug testing should include anyone who receives federal subsidies. Oil companies ($24 billion), defense contractors ($12 billion), the financial sector (trillions!) -- all of them. Let's drug test the entire management team of each company from the CEO to the board and all the way down the line. If anyone fails the test, take away their federal aid, just like Newt Gingrich says.

There would probably have to be a fleet of new government employees who would handle the constant throughput of drug tests from everyone, so more government jobs complete with pensions and healthcare. In fact, they could funnel the aid that was supposed to be doled out to the failed-drug-test-recipients in order to pay for the new government jobs. Nice way to reduce private sector jobs and create new public sector jobs. Let's go!