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Duggar Who?

Considering that Republican presidential candidates and Fox News hosts (same thing?) have been photographed while embracing Josh Duggar, this isn't exactly a big surprise.

via Media Matters


Fox News has spent approximately 80 seconds covering the story.

While I snark about photo ops featuring Josh Duggar and a who's who list of conservative punditry, the connection actually goes much deeper than that.

Duggar was not simply a token figurehead or celebrity of Religious Right policy; he was the chief lobbyist for the Family Research Council. As the executive director of their political action program, Josh Duggar's hands were on more than just his sisters.

The Family Research Council has been involved with a broad spectrum of conservative lunacy over many years from abortion bills, to anti-gay bills, to robocalls that claim transgender people are the real threat to your children.

Any socially conservative legislation elected Republicans have voted on over the past two years, at the federal and state level, was probably lobbied for by Duggar.