Duped by Breitbart Again

Here's a discussion about the Sherrod videotape on Morning Joe today.

Naturally, Pat Buchanan is there (Scarborough jokingly stops him from commenting). It's remarkable how they all take Breitbart at his word. Again. Even after the debunked ACORN tapes.

Even Scooby-Doo sidekick Margaret Carlson, who tends to be one of the smarter Villagers, is totally aghast -- calling Sherrod's remarks "hateful" and goes so far as to suggest there's an equivalency here between white racism and whatever you'd call Sherrod's remarks (we know now that there was a broader point here, and that her story had to do with Sherrod learning to see beyond race).

Margaret says, "Look at that woman! Aren't you ashamed?" Again, even if Sherrod's remarks were everything everyone was saying this morning, how the blue blazes can 12.4 percent of the population possibly oppress 75 percent of the population? How is that possible, Margaret?

Not to single out Morning Joe, by the way -- both the White House and the NAACP also fell for the Breitbart hoax. Making matters worse, they've succeeded in empowering him.

UPDATE: Jim in Michigan raises a really good point in the comments:

I think if you pull race out of the whole equation, what she said is a normal human response. I know when I'm dealing with someone who has the power to help me or hurt me, I try to be really nice to them. If someone treats you rudely, are you more inclined to help them out or not go out of your way to help them. It's a natural human instinct whether you are treated bad because of the color of your skin, your gender, your socio-economic standing, your looks, whatever. And I don't think is necessarily a bad thing, how else are rude people going to learn that being rude doesn't pay off.