Economists Forced Out of Government For Telling The Truth

Written by SK Ashby

Six economists were recently forced out of the Department of Agriculture according to Politico.

Their crime? Math.

Politico reports that all six economists left the Economic Research Service at the Department of Agriculture on the same day near the end of April.

The Economic Research Service — a source of closely read reports on farm income and other topics that can shape federal policy, planting decisions and commodity markets — has run afoul of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue with its findings on how farmers have been financially harmed by President Donald Trump's trade feuds, the Republican tax code rewrite and other sensitive issues, according to current and former agency employees. [...]

“The administration didn’t appreciate some of our findings, so this is retaliation to harm the agency and send a message,” said one current ERS employee, who asked not to be named to avoid retribution.

Purging economists from the federal government doesn't mean the problem is going away. Losses will keep piling up even the Trump regime covers their ears and says 'I can't hear you.'

That is why Trump is calling for another bailout for farmers, isn't it? The economists were right.

The next presidential administration is going to have to reconstruct almost the entire federal government which has been systematically replaced with an assortment of conspiracy theorists, cranks, toadies, morons, and grifters.