Ed Schultz Moves to Weekends on MSNBC

I suppose those rumors back in the Fall were accurate after all.

At the tail end of his show tonight, Ed Schultz announced that his primetime MSNBC show will be coming to an end this week and he will be moving to the network’s weekend lineup starting in April.

Schultz called the move a great opportunity for his show, which will air Saturdays and Sundays from 5-7. He cited “a number of personal and professional reasons” for why he wanted to take the new timeslot, and proudly spoke of how much his MSNBC show has given him the opportunity to be a “voice for the voiceless,” and said his new weekend show will give him a chance to interact more with average Americans.

Any speculation on who might replace him? I’m putting my money on MS moving one of the daytime shows into the slot. Perhaps The Cycle or Alex Wagner.

UPDATE: It's Chris Hayes.