Election 2012

Election Day Begins Today

Half of all the states begin early voting today. Not very good news for a particular Republican candidate who's kinda taking a big dump right now.

Election Day may be Nov. 6th, but with President Obama grabbing a lead nationally and in key swing states, Americans are already starting to vote.

Idaho, South Dakota, and the crucial swing state of Virginia are the first states to begin early, in-person voting today.

Also today, absentee voting begins in Minnesota, West Virginia, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Georgia, Arkansas, Idaho, and Maryland, bringing the total number of states already accepting ballots to 13. Twelve others -- South Carolina, New Jersey, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Delaware, Louisiana, and Missouri -- will begin absentee or early voting Saturday.

12 states where Romney holds a lead. 9 states where the president leads.

Let the cartoons begin!

(h/t Shawn Sukumar Attorney at Law)