George W. Bush

Elections and Bush: does it matter?

Does it matter that voter turnout in central Iraq was light at best? Does it matter that voter turnout in the north and south was strong? Does is matter that an Iraqi election official is claiming 72% voter turnout even though that number is extremely exaggerated? Does it matter that dozens of people were killed at polling places?

None of it matters. Even if there had been 0% voter turnout, the Bush administration would still use the simple notion of an "election" to claim a grand political victory, which they'll exploit at every opportunity. As you see pictures of Bush and his baby-toothed grin today remember that he's fabricating his own reality. What they claim and what is real are two separate things.

Millions of voters or no voters at all, things will continue in Iraq much as they have so far -- if not much worse. And the Bush administration will continue to function without a strategy.

Proof of democracy in Iraq can't be determined simply declaring "Elections!" any more than someone becoming a millionaire by walking into a bank and declaring "I have a million dollars!"