This strikes me as a huge slap in the face to Mitt Romney.

The biggest newspaper in New Hampshire, The Union-Leader, has endorsed Newt Gingrich for president.

Newt Gingrich is by no means the perfect candidate. But Republican primary voters too often make the mistake of preferring an unattainable ideal to the best candidate who is actually running. In this incredibly important election, that candidate is Newt Gingrich. He has the experience, the leadership qualities and the vision to lead this country in these trying times. He is worthy of your support on January 10.

It's still very likely Romney will win New Hampshire unless things change dramatically between now and January, but it's fairly insulting for such a major publication to endorse Newt considering Romney has spent the last 4 years running for the presidency of New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, Governor Rick Perry is all set to pick up an endorsement from someone who is actually far more influential with the lunatic base of the Republican party than a New Hampshire newspaper, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona will endorse Rick Perry for president next week, according to ABC News.

The self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in the nation” has gained national attention for his hard-line stance against illegal immigration and his controversial tactics, including forcing prison inmates to wear pink underwear and putting them to work on chain gangs.

Sheriff Heinrich speaks more for the southern lunatic vote than The Union Leader does for New Hampshire conservatives.

The only problem is he might be recalled from office during the next election.