Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, the USS Carl Vinson is still nowhere near North Korea. It's currently 2,400 miles away.

Meanwhile, Japanese trade officials don't want to talk to Trump's Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross because he's batshit.

Finally, the CIA's liason to the White House was removed for his position for no apparent reason. He was fired by 30-year-old dipshit Ezra Cohen-Watnick, one of Michael Flynn's boys who, for some reason, is still there.

Multiple former colleagues described the former CIA liaison as a consummate professional with no history of infractions. But late one afternoon in mid-March, the retired marine was abruptly informed that his services were no longer needed and he ought not to come to work the next day. Co-workers were shocked at a display that seemed designed to humiliate him.

“It was the most disrespectful thing they could have done,” said a White House official familiar with the incident. “He’s a good man. What happened to him was fucked up.”

Now, here's Stephen Colbert on "right wing radio host and man getting arrested at mini-golf, Alex Jones."

Just to be meta, here's Alex Jones acknowledging that Colbert is very good at mocking him.

Before the cross-examination, Jones had taken questions from his own attorney, in which he tried to communicate to the jury that the enraged character he plays on his show is a different man from the sensitive father he says he is at home.

“You have a certain sort of delivery,” Wilhite said. “Do you take that home with you?”

Other than talking politics with his kids when they express an interest, he said, he didn’t.

“No. None of the bombasity, when I rage,” Jones said. “Stephen Colbert made fun of me the other day. I’m sure his kids see him get angry on TV.”

There was a lot of news this week that I didn't get to, so here's a few more stories.

Trump says President Obama is responsible for allowing the MS-13 Central American gang to form in America, which actually formed in the 1980s under Reagan when Obama was just a college student.

The government of Venezuela reportedly donated to Trump's inauguration using the state-owned oil company. Can you imagine the jeers if the socialist(!) Venezuelans had donated to Obama?

Chinese billionaires looking for access to Trump have apparently turned to registered foreign agent Paul Manafort for help.