Wingnut Revolution Fail – Part 3

Here's an excerpt from an after-action report from the Chicago Wingnut Revolution (Tea Party), attended by 400 revolutionaries (with permits):

When we reached the Michigan Ave Bridge, a tea bag was broken open and dumped into the river to signify the birth of a new American Revolution.

TBogg's reaction is priceless:

I'm not sure which is sadder; the notion that only 400 people in a city of 2.9 million showed up to protest, or the image of Eric manfully tearing apart a Lipton teabag so that the 400+ strong could watch a teaspoon's worth of shredded orange pekoe flutter and disperse into the wind.

Again, why tea? Tea doesn't hate America.

Prediction: They'll keep holding these misguided and ridiculous events for a couple more weeks. We'll get to mercilessly make fun of them. Then they'll get bored and quit.