Equal Pay

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Joel Pett)

In other news, former two-time independent presidential candidate Ross Perot has passed away at the age of 89.

Meanwhile, Boeing's deliveries have fallen by almost 40 percent and they're about lose the title of largest planemaker. And you see, kids, this what really happens when regulation disappears and companies are allowed to police themselves. They always fuck themselves and kill people.

Finally, even right wing analysts who've worked with the Trump regime do not believe trade talks with China are going anywhere.

“We’ve had a change in atmospherics,” said Derek Scissors, a China expert at the American Enterprise Institute, a business-oriented Washington think tank. “While this is great for markets, the administration has not said one specific thing about how we’re unstuck.

Scissors, who has at times consulted with Trump administration officials, said that both sides got what they wanted out of the summit — a lowering of the temperature and the avoidance of new tariffs that would have been painful for both sides.

“The pressure for one side to give into the other is diffused right now. I expect this to drag out for months,” Scissors added.

Talks resume this week.