Erickson Says Shocking Thing, Is Surprised When People Are Shocked

Erick Erickson said yesterday that it’s damaging to families and anti-science when mothers are the primary earner in a household. Make no mistake: he said this with the intention of trolling liberals and, naturally, it worked.

That’s not to say he doesn’t believe it, but you don’t express such flagrantly anti-woman opinions on television without knowing the outcome and consequences. Yet Erickson is amazed that people are shocked by his pre-planned shocking remark. First, he used his own wife as a human shield (because he’s, you know, so tough and manly) and then continued his whiny diaper baby counterpoint with this:

Many feminist and emo lefties have their panties in a wad over my statements in the past 24 hours about families. I said, in a statement reflecting the view of three quarters of those surveyed in a Pew Research Center poll, that more women being the primary or sole breadwinners in families is harmful to raising children. This result came from a survey that found “nearly four in 10 families with children under the age of 18 are now headed by women who are the sole or primary breadwinners for their families.”

I also noted that the left, which tells us all the time we’re just another animal in the animal kingdom, is rather anti-science when it comes to this. In many, many animal species, the male and female of the species play complementary roles, with the male dominant in strength and protection and the female dominant in nurture. It’s the female who tames the male beast. One notable exception is the lion, where the male lion looks flashy but behaves mostly like a lazy beta-male MSNBC producer.

In modern society we are not supposed to say such things about child rearing and families. In modern society we are not supposed to point out that children in a two-parent heterosexual nuclear household have a better chance at long term success in life than others. In modern society, we are supposed to applaud feminists who teach women they can have it all — that there is no gender identifying role and women can fulfill the role of husbands and fathers just as men do.

No, see, in a modern society the days are over for paleoconservative he-man woman haters like Erickson going around telling women what they’re not allowed to do (especially with their uteruses) and passing it off as “science” when everything else Erickson says is absolutely contra-science — except this one convenient thing. We’ve had centuries of Erick Ericksons telling women what to do or else, while using science and religion as excuses for the male subjugation, oppression and heinous abuse of women.

Adding, I’m amazed Erickson found someone who would marry him, especially considering his obvious hatred of women.