EU May Require Vaccine Passports for Americans

Written by SK Ashby

American Republicans are seemingly united in opposition to creating so-called "vaccine passports" that confirm you've been vaccinated, but even if they prevent our own government from creating such passports they can't stop other governments from requiring them.

Lowering infection rates and increased vaccinations means travel restrictions between other countries can be dropped in the coming months, but other countries may still require a "special pass" to enter.

French President Emmanuel Macron told CBS News that Americans will need a pass if they want to travel there this summer.

"We will progressively lift restrictions at the beginning of May," Macron told the CBS News' "Face the Nation." The French president added officials in Paris are working to develop a way for "French, European citizens but also American citizens" who are vaccinated to travel more freely by this summer.

Macron said, ideally, travel would be open "for US citizens who are vaccinated, with a special pass," suggesting a so-called vaccine certificate or passport would be necessary for travel in France. [...]

French and European officials are in the final stages of developing a European vaccine certificate that would allow people to show proof of vaccination and travel the continent, the French president said.

I believe this is how it should be. No one is legally required to travel to Europe, but if you want to you should have to show you're not a potential super-spreader.

It's a bit more complicated here in the United States, but I also think it's reasonable for a concert venue, a crowded resort, or a nightclub, for example, to require proof of vaccination to enter. For your own safety and the safety of other patrons.

Conservatives love to say people should be allowed to make their own choices and this is a choice. It would be their choice to refuse a vaccine and not be allowed to enter risky private locations or other countries.