JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, Trump's top lawyer in the Russian interference scandal has apparently been engaging trolls at all hours of the night using his official email address.

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast has revealed the gifts given to Trump during his trip to Saudi Arabia. It seems they understand him very well.

The gifts range from the regal (“Artwork featuring picture of President Trump”) to the martial (multiple swords, daggers, leather ammo holders and holsters), to the baroque (tiger and cheetah fur robes, and a dagger made of pure silver with a mother of pearl sheath). Now when the president is contemplating the state of Saudi women’s rights, he can do so before a “large canvas artwork depicting [a] Saudi woman.”

Did Trump throw Qatar under the bus because the Saudis gave him a picture of himself? If you said Yes, I would believe you.

Finally, Hurricane Irma is still a category 5 storm as of this writing and the expected path of the storm is not looking good for South Florida and Miami. If you live in either of these areas, well, you should already be making emergency plans.

Regardless of where the storm hits or which direction it turns, strong winds and rain are expected to arrive in Florida by Saturday. Irma will impact Puerto Rico tonight.

  • Please hit Mara Lago, please hit Mara Lago, please hit Mara Lago . . .

  • Tony Lavely

    That cartoon… I was looking for Vogon Constructors…

  • Aynwrong

    His lawyer is arguing with trolls at night…

    The President’s lawyer is arguing with trolls at night…

    The lawyer defending the POTUS from accusations of collusion with a hostile foreign power is arguing with trolls at night…

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