Every Child Left Behind

As you may be aware, the Bush-era No Child Left Behind policy has been a colossal failure. The policy was unfunded after being implemented by the Bush Administration and hasn't resulted in any tangible improvements in education. In many cases it has even made things worse.

The Obama Administration has vowed to revise the law, a revision the previous administration ironically failed to complete, but revisions to the law have been caught up in committees and hearings with wingnuts like Senator Rand Paul jamming wrenches into the cogwheels of congress.

Rand Paul's original objection to further debate of the revisions to the No Child Left Behind law was that he hadn't had time to read it yet, but as ThinkProgress guest blogger Jeremy Ayers notes, Paul revealed his true reasoning after the committee hearing ended.

There’s no provision in the Constitution for the federal government to be involved [in education] period. This was part of the Republican platform from nearly 30 years, that we didn’t believe in federal control, we wanted to leave local control.

Oh. There's no provision in the constitution for the federal government to be involved in education.

The ghosts of 2010 continue to haunt us while Senator Rand Paul, who sits on the senate education committee, doesn't even believe in, well, education.

The question begs to be asked -- If you don't believe in government, why the hell are you part of the government?