Super Stupid

Everything is Dumber Than You Can Imagine

Written by SK Ashby

Herman Cain is a former Republican presidential candidate who once stood up on a Republican primary debate stage and told us we need a "9-9-9" plan for the economy.

Cain was never able to clearly tell us what the three nines would be, but his inner pizza parlor manager thought it sounded catchy and, evidently, so did Donald Trump.

The Washington Post reports that Trump recently called Cain into a meeting in the Situation Room where Trump said we need a "9-9-9" plan for the border.

Trump recently gathered with generals and other military leaders for a meeting about the Mexican border, according to two people familiar with the chain of events who spoke on the condition of anonymity to freely describe the discussions. At the meeting, which was held in the White House Situation Room, an aide passed Trump a note informing him that Cain was in the building.

Trump summoned Cain to the meeting, and then told the military brass that they needed to come up with a “9-9-9” plan for the border. The joke fell flat.

The Onion's job must be incredibly difficult now because the truth of the Trump regime is often more ridiculous than anyone would ponder.

The good news is Herman Cain is withdrawing his name for consideration for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board.