Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Lalo Alcaraz)

In other news, the Southeast regional administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Trey Glenn, has been indicted in Alabama on state ethics charges. Glenn is accused of working with a local law firm to thwart EPA efforts to clean up neighborhoods in Alabama.

Before being appointed by President Donald Trump to serve as the Region 4 administrator of the EPA, Trey Glenn worked closely with the Birmingham-based law firm Balch & Bingham and one of its clients, Drummond Co., to fight EPA efforts to test and clean up neighborhoods in north Birmingham and Tarrant. [...]

President Donald Trump appointed Glenn lead EPA’s Region 4 in August 2017, after incidents covered in the indictment. That region includes Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.

Meanwhile, Trump regime sources who spoke to the Los Angeles Times say Trump has withdrawn from public events following the election because he's still pissed off and searching for people to blame for Democratic victories.

Finally, Trump reportedly shut down an office created by the Obama administration that tracked the whereabouts of Guantanamo detainees after they were release. The Trump regime now has no idea where some of these people are because they stopped keeping track.

The Trump administration closed a diplomatic office designed to keep track of released Guantánamo inmates and make sure they didn’t return to their insurgencies. And now the U.S. government has lost track of several of them, including one who has returned to a terrorist-held part of Syria, a McClatchy investigation has found.

The Obama administration created the office of the Special Envoy for Guantánamo Closure with a mandate to negotiate and follow up on prisoner releases. President Donald Trump’s State Department emptied the office to underscore his campaign promise to keep open the U.S. military prison in Cuba, which today has 40 detainees.

You could probably write an entire book about this shit. President Obama spent 8 years trying to close the prison and Congress blocked all of his attempts. Closing the prison would be too dangerous, they said. Republicans spread all manner of conspiracy theories about Obama's desire to close the prison.

Now, Trump isn't even tracking the ones that were released. He shut down the tracking program that Obama created.

RIP Stan Lee