Exxon’s Safe, Clean Energy

Here's one example of why I must resist the urge to hurl an inanimate object at my television whenever an Exxon Mobil commercial touting their safe, clean energy is displayed.

Exxon Mobil's North Line in Louisiana spilled approximately 1,900 barrels of oil on Saturday.

Exxon Mobil shut the North Line crude oil pipeline after a leak spilled 1,900 barrels of crude oil in a rural area near Torbert, La., over the weekend.

The 22-inch line originates in St. James, La., and gives shippers access to oil from the giant Lousiana Offshore Oil Port, St. James and offshore Louisiana grades, according to Exxon's website. [...]

"The oil from the North Line crude pipeline was contained in the immediate area and recovery efforts began on Sunday," said Rachel Moore, with Exxon's downstream public and government affairs.

"Fortunately the oil was contained in the immediate area which will enhance our recovery efforts."

And by "recovery efforts" what they mean is sucking it back up so they can still sell it, and if there is a cause for optimism at Exxon HQ, that is it. The fact that, you know, 1,900 barrels of oil leaked into the environment is sort of an afterthought.

"Fortunately we will still be able to sell most of what leaked."