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Fact Checking is for Liberals. And Girl Scouts.

Who says we can't end the year with another absolutely ridiculous conspiracy and a Fox News exploitation of children?

The controversy is over a section in the Girl Scouts’ media guide that advises readers to use sites like and MediaMatters to fact-check what they read on the Internet. Because, as Steve Doocy put it on Fox & Friends on Thursday, because MediaMatters is “clearly a lefty blog,” telling members to turn to them means the Girl Scouts must secretly be in the tank for the left.

Glenn Beck’s site The Blaze first wrote about the guide on Tuesday, and said that it was pointed out to them by a parent of Sydney Volankski, a fifteen-year old former Girl Scout who left the organization in 2010 when she says she realized the organization has a “clear liberal ideology.”

Fifteen-years-old. I highly doubly she has a firm grasp of what a "clear liberal ideology" even is, but apparently her word, or rather the word of her parents, was good enough for Fox News. Because they're fair and balanced.

Media Matters is an organization dedicated to dissecting misinformation in the media, which clearly places them in the cross-hairs of Fox News. And Fox News is clearly desperate enough to bring on a fifteen-year-old girl to vouch for their authenticity.

Could this be why? Fox News was the only cable news network to lose viewers in 2011.

Shame on the parents of this girl.