Epic Fail

Fail of the Day

Joe The-Not-Really-A-Plumber is running for office in Ohio, potentially facing off against Dennis Kucinich, and he just picked up his first major endorsement.

Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, who gained fame during the 2008 campaign when he met Barack Obama and subsequently campaigned for John McCain, is the likely Republican nominee for the House this year in his deep-blue Ohio district. This week he trotted out the endorsement of Rich Iott, who gained fame in 2010 when it was discovered he enjoys spending his weekends dressed up like a Nazi. [...]

“Joe is the real deal,” Iott said in the Plumber’s press release, “He’s worked in the real world to make a real living. He can relate to his constituents and their needs. I’d be proud to have Joe represent me in Washington.”

Iott ended up losing the election by nearly 20 points after a public shaming by Eric Cantor for his weekend role-playing as a member of Hitler's SS.

Regardless of whether or not Joe The-Unlicensed-Plumber was aware of this before touting his endorsement in a press release, I'd say he's off to a rocky start.