Failed Economist Bobby Jindal Attacks Clinton Economics

Written by SK Ashby

There's a saying about stones and glass houses that Bobby Jindal would heed if he knew what was good for himself.

The Louisiana governor has presided over a $1.6 billion budget shortfall, unconstitutional spending policy, and the possible bankruptcy of the state's public university system, but he still feels qualified to attack the "failed policies" of Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

I do worry that Secretary Clinton will continue the failed policies of President Obama,” Clinton [sic] told host Bret Baier on “Fox News Sunday.”

“There’s never enough money and power for government on the left,” said Jindal, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate.

It’s about feeding a greedier and greedier government,” he added.

Personally I would choose a greedy government over a dead-broke government that has relinquished the state purse to regressive tax cuts and the inevitable deficits that follow. But I digress.

The "failed policies" of President Obama which, by all indications, Hillary Clinton intends to carry forward, have produced millions of jobs and reduced unemployment to 5.5 percent.

Bobby Jindal's policies, on the other hand, have left a terrible mess for the next governor to clean up and, unfortunately, it doesn't appear the second coming of Barack Obama is available.

If there is any good news for the residents of Louisiana and America, it's that Bobby Jindal cannot run for a third term as governor and will soon be banished to the end-times circuit.

I will do and say the things you are not supposed to be able to do and say,” Jindal added of his 2016 campaign strategy.