Failed Revolutionary Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Another Failed Revolutionary

Birther and leader of the failed movement to overthrow the government Larry Klayman has filed a lawsuit against... basically everyone on behalf of Bundy family patriarch Cliven Bundy.

Klayman's lawsuit names Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Harry Reid's son Rory Reid, a U.S. district judge, and President Obama as defendants accusing them of conspiring to take Bundy's land and sell it to a Chinese buyer.

Or something.

In the complaint, Bundy alleges Reid deployed “the equivalent of federal storm-troopers” to meet Bundy’s “peaceful cowboys” defending their grazing rights on public lands. The suit states the “invasion and armed assault” was intended to remove Bundy so Reid and his son could profit off the sale of the land to buyer “reported to be communist Chinese.”

I can't even call this ridiculous. It's laughable.

Beyond the obvious reasons why it's laughable, Bundy's land hasn't been sold to anyone. In fact, it's not entirely clear who is responsible for the land now. Government agencies have had trouble agreeing over who is responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind by Bundy family, particularly his herd of sick and starving cows that Bundy allowed to roam free.

Now let's delight in the irony of a noted civil rights critic claiming his civil rights have been violated.