Far-Right Lied About CBO Healthcare Report

The other day I received a tweet from a far-right reader who accused me of being a "lying crook" for supporting the healthcare reform law, and, in the same tweet, the guy cited this item from the Washington Examiner insisting that the CBO has increased the cost of the ACA by almost a trillion dollars.

Holy effing crap on a stick! A treeeeeeellion dollars!

Of course if either this Twitter follower or the Examiner had actually read the CBO report, they would've learned that the CBO made no such claim.

The lie spread all around the wingnutosphere and Fox News and became so insane the CBO had to post an article debunking the lies. There's also this one from Media Matters. And this one from Krugman.

Note to conservatives who try to get into wonky details and numbers. Don't.