Fareed Declares Mission Accomplished

WTF? Fareed Zakaria:

The Democrats are having the hardest time with the new reality. Every candidate is committed to "ending the war" and bringing our troops back home. The trouble is, the war has largely ended, and precisely because our troops are in the middle of it.

The war is over because our troops are still there? So if we did what we usually do at the end of a war and bring troops home, would that mean the war isn't really over? I'm confused, Mr. Very Serious Zakaria. To be fair, maybe Fareed doesn't know about Bizarro Iraq in which people are still fighting and dying today:

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber blew himself up in front of a high school in Iraq's violent Diyala province Tuesday, wounding 21 people, police said. Students, teachers, bystanders and at least one policeman were among the wounded in the 8:30 a.m. attack in the provincial capital, Baqouba, according to a police officer.