Farmers Say Crops Are Rotting Because of Trump’s Immigrant Crackdown

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Just as the harvesting season heats up, farmers in California are struggling to find workers because Trump's anti-immigrant crackdown has driven so many anyway.

The situation has reportedly become so bad, some crops are rotting on the vine before farmers can hire enough people to harvest them.

via Fortune:

Farmers say they're having trouble hiring enough people to work during harvest season, causing some crops to rot before they can be picked. Already, the situation has triggered losses of more than $13 million in two California counties alone, according to NBC News. [...]

To make the jobs more attractive, farmers are offering salaries above minimum wage, along with paid time off and 401(k) plans, but even that's not proving enough.

Trump has only been in office for seven months and this is only going to get worse over time. It's hard for me to imagine the sadistic ICE agents empowered by Trump will be leashed until Trump is out of office and it will take time to change the culture even after he's gone.

It's quite clear that Congress needs to retake control of immigration policy because relying on the executive branch to exercise better judgment leads to outcomes like this.

Ideally, we wouldn't have a man like Trump sitting the White House, but this is far too important to leave it up to the White House alone. We don't know who the next president will be or what his or her priorities will be.

  • Tony Lavely

    It’s California. Who did they vote for again?
    Never mind the rest of the country doesn’t eat.

  • fry1laurie

    Hey, rural voters (of which I’m one): here’s all those jobs Drumpf promised!

  • Aynwrong

    Somebody should go and find Pat Buchanan and ask him why “real Americans” aren’t scooping up these jobs at record pace. He’s been predicting they would since I was in high school.

  • muselet

    Prices for food grown in the US will rise, food insecurity will increase and US producers will be put at a global competitive disadvantage. If major US-based food companies find it harder to sell their products overseas, they will cut jobs.

    More small and family-run farms will face financial difficulties and some will go bankrupt. Shoppers may face empty shelves in produce departments.

    But, hey, ICE officers are having “fun” in their jobs.

    All because of people who voted for Donald Trump.

    Thanks, folks.


    • ninjaf

      Cue the far left pointing to this as an example of why “blowing up” the election and voting for Trump was the right thing.

      “See? Labor conditions for farm workers are improving now.”

      • muselet

        That is a painfully stupid argument.

        My five bucks says some Leftier-than-thou type will make it within twelve hours.


        • ninjaf

          I agree. It is a very stupid argument but they will make it, I am sure.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Trump is rewriting the last line of our national anthem….
    “Oh the land of so much hate,
    And the home of bigotry!