The Media

Far-Right Radio Is Crazy

I drove down to my brother's house in Philadelphia last night and hit some major traffic on the famous "Blue Route," aka. Interstate 476. So I figured since I was being tortured by the traffic, I might as well check out some of the far-right talk radio shows.

I heard Michael Medved say that there should be no laws governing campaign contributions. Any corporation can give unlimited amounts of cash to political candidates -- as long as it's made public "on a website or something."

Then I dialed over to Hugh Hewitt, perhaps the most disingenuous far-right talker and blogger (which is saying a lot), and was treated to a discussion about "anyone who has exploded a bomb for political purposes [Hamas, Ayers] supports Obama."

And then there was this other show in which some doddering old codger was making the same comparison -- that Hamas supports Senator Obama. Oh wait -- now that I think about it, that was Senator McCain talking during a newscast. Crazy.