Favorite President

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, the FBI has closed its investigation of the October 2017 Las Vegas shooting that left 58 dead and almost 900 injured. The FBI says the shooter, Stephen Paddock, acted alone and "wanted infamy and mass destruction," but they couldn't determine why he wanted it.

Meanwhile, China has now formally filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over Trump's tariffs on over $200 billion in Chinese goods.

Finally, the Trump Winery in Virginia is hiring more foreign workers.

Trump Winery, also known as Trump Vineyard Estates, LLC, is seeking the workers under the federal H-2 visa program, which allows US employers to hire foreign laborers on a temporary basis as long as no qualified US workers want the jobs. The work on the 1,300-acre estate, which pays $12.25 an hour, would start in mid-March and could run through late October.