FBI Investigating Bundy Militiamen, Officers Saw Women Placed On The Front Line


Good news — the FBI is investigating the Bundy militiamen who pointed their rifles at Bureau of Land Management employees.

Las Vegas TV station KLAS reported Thursday that the FBI has begun interviewing Clark County sheriff’s officials in what the news station describes as a “formal investigation into alleged death threats, intimidation and possible weapons violations” on the part of the Bundy militia.


FBI agents also spoke to an entire squad of Metro officers, who were on the scene to act as a buffer between the crowd and the BLM. Bundy supporters have insisted in emails and calls to 8 News NOW that no one in the crowd pointed weapons at BLM or Metro, but officers told the I-Team that is exactly what they saw, that many with guns set up behind women and children.

“It is not a rumor. When we first got out there and made a left to divide I-15, that is all you saw. You saw kids and women and horses in the backdrop and then men with guns, laying on the ground, in the back of pickup trucks. We’re going, ‘wow, this would never happen in Las Vegas,’ But it was there. That is not a rumor. It is reality and I saw it with my own eyes,” Metro Police Sgt. Tom Jenkins said.

Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack told Fox News that sacrificing women first was their plan all along. He later walked that back and claimed that was only his perception, but it seems evident that it really was the plan. They intentionally placed women in front of themselves so they would be killed in a crossfire.

That just goes to show you the Oath Keepers, Minutemen, and the other assorted lunatics who showed up that day are dickless cowards at heart. The rifles are compensation.

Unfortunately for the Bundy supporters who have denied allegations to the local news media, there are numerous photos and video of men peering down their scopes and aiming their weapons that day.